4th July Parades 2019 New York Celebration Near Me

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

4th July Parades 2019 New York Celebration Near Me

Independence mean 4th July parades 2019 and to get freedom in America at the monument of the Washington D.C the American Army set the biggest and gorgeous Independence Day parades. More over People love to watch the parades because they are waiting excitedly all day of the year. American army set the parade on Birthday of the USA.

Furthermore the parade is started at 11: 30 am in Washington on Constitution Avenue from 7th to 17th street audience of hundreds or thousands of spectators. The parade is 2 hours long. Bands, drum corps, fl4th July parades 2019

oats, army and special units, giant balloons, drill team VIP’s national and celebrities participant are invited in parade. Citizen peoples are also invited freely in parade.

Especially the parade is national event which take the attention of American to real meaning of the federal holiday. American army celebrates the parade with celebrities and citizen with flag waving, and white red and blue celebration of USA Independence day. The bands participants are invited on the recommendation from every states governor offices. Apart from this parades start at the one side of the white heaven park and end at the main entrance of the palisades recreation center.

4th July Parades 2019

In addition to this Peoples of Unites states of America stitching new clothes. On the day of parades peoples wake up early in the morning and wearied new clothes and going to journey or picnic before parades they enjoy their time from 9 to 11 am. At the time of parades peoples reached there with flags and enjoy the parade.

More over before the parade antique cars, community leaders, miniature superheroes and local school, princesses, street performer are lineup to perform.  The president of the America come in the parade and plays a flag waving game. After flag play Army officer and the other band performers are line up and the line is 1 mile long.

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